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The Vow

By Brendan McCann


You are my best friend, my lover, and my whole world. Today is the day that we take a vow to spend a life together; a life full of laughs and kisses. Through ups and downs, I need you next to me. It has been an incredible ride since we first decided to become romantic. Before that I dreamed of a life with you. It was very special to become your friend and I knew that no matter what, I would always be in your life. You gave me a chance as a lover and I’m forever grateful. I promise to spend the rest of my life adoring you, taking care of you, making you laugh, and most importantly being a great step-dad. Cheers to us Honey! 09/18/2020 is the most important day of my whole life. I love you forever.


I can still remember the first full night we spent together. It was a brisk night in late November and the moon was brightly glowing with the stars aligned perfectly. I had kissed you once before this night and I was so excited to taste your lips again, not knowing I would have that honor wherever, whenever. We spent the whole night kissing and smiling. It was the highlight of my entire life. I remember parting ways that night which left me confused. It was freezing cold and I didn’t want you to drive away. It was at this moment I knew I needed to be by your side every night for the rest of my life. With you, time is nothing. I love you more than you will ever know.

Suzanne Janine McCann, thank you for everything. You are my world.



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